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Virinchi has adopted an organic structure in the organization viewing its nature and the activities to be carried out. The Management Committee and Executive Committee comprises individuals with proven capabilities and required professional experiences. 


  Advisory Board

The advisory board comprises of four members to set the academic guidelines of the college as required by syllabus.
Professor Sateesh Kumar Ojha, PhD
Professor Simon Gautam, PhD
Associate Prof. Stefan Gross, PhD
Associate Prof. Sushil K. Pant, PhD
Dinesh Kumar Pant, PhD 




Our Academic Advisor                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Dr. Gross is a passionate learner and likes to be amongst the students inorder to assist them in exploring their potentials. Dr. Gross is a Career Teacher, Trainer, Facilitator, Consultant and Coach for last 15 years. He believes in research and application based learning and prefers mentoring students on research works and publications. 







Dr. Stefan Gross

PhD. of Philosophy
Academic Advisor




Faculty Members

Our faculty members not only accept the challenges to inspire learners to mold themselves but also guide the students to live a better life by fulfilling their career aims. They are ultimate learners themselves, who generate and disseminate the knowledge on the basis of the knowledge they have acquired through academics, researches, exposures and hands on applications.