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The main objective of the college is to develop itself as the Gateway to the horizon of educational and career possibilities for the young generation by offering quality educational programmes so that they achieve their personal and professional goals. It aims to explore, expose and inspire the creative potentials of the young minds and produce world-class graduates in order to tackle the formidable challenges of today’s competitive world within the local environment. Besides the class room teaching, the College envisages to teach communicative skills (oral and written communication, study skills, professional composition skills and computer literacy). This is commensurate with the ultimate goal to equip students with mid-management levels and skills. As it is aimed to produce professional and skilled personnel at mid-management levels for the economic development of the country, the academic programme of the College is to make its graduates responsive to the needs of employers, while it also encourages leadership growth through the acquiring of skills and analytical thoughts.

Keeping in view the mission, vision and goals, the VIRINCHI COLLEGE will help to facilitate overall development of the students by maintaining a correct blend of theoretical and practical aspects of the programmes. Sound professional education will be imparted to the students to enable them to share the values and responsibilities in the learning process.



Our Strength

The strength of the Virinchi College lies in its delivery of “customized training as it should be: provided by experts who have actually been there and done that, not just academics,” and that the programmes uses a “common sense method, providing only what is needed at the time it is needed… in a cost-effective manner.” Virinchi responds directly to the needs of local industry and developing unique programmes for workforce training. It also stabilizes the local economy through diversification, training, and increased opportunity for lifelong learning.

The motivating environment at Virinchi attracts the best minds available in the country to its faculty. As a result, our students have advantages of learning from faculty members who are well-known for their teaching competence and skills, long work-experience, and passion for teaching. Our faculty comprises a team of scholars and practitioners who combine real-world and academic knowledge of management to augment theoretical training.


Educational Strength
· A tremendous sense of accomplishment upon completion encourages students to develop independent opinions, make informed decisions 
  and strive to attain fresh goals.
· Language acquisition is achieved through practical immersion.
· Awareness and adoption of alternative, multi-faceted approaches to learning.
· Analytical and problem solving skills.
· Enhanced interest in global issues as well as a broader general knowledge.
· We focus on running high quality industry recognized courses, so it is easy to get job

Personal Strength
· To produce suitable workforce required for the nation
· To conduct academic programs to produce managerial level personnel.
· To provide consultancy and carry out survey and research for the development of nation.
· To develop collaborative strategies with the private institutions to seek cooperation including ways and means for the placement of its 
· To study the feasibility of exploring and implementing joint agreement with foreign institutions for purpose of academic exchanges